Like many people during the pandemic, I found myself with the time to ponder what actually makes me happy and I began to feel concerned that I didn't have hobbies anymore as an adult. Society tells us that respected hobbies are things like running a marathon, reading self help books, or cooking. When I asked myself what I enjoyed doing the first thing that popped into my head was shopping. Why did I feel so silly for feeling like shopping was my hobby? Because our society and culture makes us feel like if we're not being productive or doing something "enriching" by learning how to make bread or speak a new language that it's not a worthy hobby.

Hobby 1. An activity done in one's leisure time for pleasure.
I'm here to tell all my fellow shoppers that online shopping is a hobby and that's okay! We get to do our hobby on the couch, in pajamas, with a drink in hand, so tell me who the real winner here is ;)
It's 2022 and I'm in my twenties in Seattle and running out of closet space, so I decided I would use my hobby to fill up other people's closets (lol) by starting an online boutique that I believe bridges a gap in the market, which is feminine with an edge. I would spend hours scouring the internet for pieces to put together that felt like my style and was stacking up the shipping and return fees from ordering from so many different brands to put together my type of outfit. Slightly conservative, but not boring. Feminine, but strong. Edgy, but not Barker family. Western inspired, but not Rodeo. Items for the corporate girly, but not frumpy. Lightening bolts and skulls, but make them sparkly. Flounce and Fray.
Everything is hand picked by me and something I personally would wear, so I hope you feel as confident in these items as I do.
Thank you for supporting me and my hobby! ;)